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"Brendoooon…"  I whined, following him through the airport as he rushed through the crowd.
   "Not now, Zwerg. I'm concentrating." He grabbed my wrist and pulled me forward toward the terminal. We had already purchased our tickets and the plane was being boarded. Not a lot of people were flying to London this evening, which I was thankful for. If there was anything I hated more than flying, it was flying on a crowded plane.
   "Concentrating on what?" I growled, watching as he handed the woman behind the counter our tickets with a smile.
   He turned to me, his smile still lighting up his entire face. "I'm concentrating on getting your midget ass to London."
   Brendon turned his attention back to the woman as she said, "You are aware you'll have to present your passports when you land in London and go through customs?"
   "Yes, ma'am," Brendon replied respectfully. She nodded and handed us our tickets.
   "Iero! Urie! I know you are not going to London without me!" an angry voice yelled across the terminal. I cringed and turned to see Pete walking toward us with an angry scowl, his suitcase rolling behind him.
   Brendon's shoulders sagged as he turned to his best friend. "How did you find out?"
   "Let's just say… Leaving a note is a lot more provoking than one would think." Pete grinned at me and I hung my head, scratching the back of my neck. "Yeah… Mama Iero called me to order me to round up her baby boy and haul him back home."
   "Yeah?" I wondered. "Then why do you have a suitcase?"
   "Do I ever listen to adults?" Pete questioned, presenting his ticket to the woman. He grinned and winked at her and I sighed as she ducked her head and blushed.
   "Now I know why my mom doesn't like you," I muttered.
   Pete strolled ahead of Brendon and I. He called over his shoulder, "She just hasn't seen the light of my ways yet."
   "Would that light be the fires of Hell burning in your crumbled soul?" Brendon wondered with a chuckle.
   Pete narrowed his eyes at Brendon, slowing his pace to walk beside us. "You're one to talk, Urie." Brendon just beamed at him.
   I sighed, hanging my head and rubbing my eyes with my free hand. I could already tell that it would be a long flight…


"Brenden!" I called from the living room of our small apartment.
   "Yeah, Babe?" he called from the kitchen. I heard the opening and closing of cabinets and mugs hitting the counter. Brenden walked into the living room, wiping his hands on a towel.
   I stared down at my bulging stomach with a sigh. "Can you help me up?"
   Brenden chuckled, stepping forward and reaching out his hands. "Of course."
   "Thanks," I mumbled as I gripped his hands. He pulled me to my feet, his hand sliding over the taught skin of my stomach as I settled against his chest. He kissed my temple, bringing a small grin to my lips.
   I was three and a half months pregnant with the triplets. I was the size of a woman who was six months pregnant with a singleton. I was almost afraid of how I would look at six months.
   "Do you want some coffee, Love?" Brenden wondered.
   "No… I'll take some tea though," I replied, following him into the kitchen. "I hear drinking coffee isn't good for the baby…"
   "Oh, that's right. Only six more months, Av." He poured coffee into one of the mugs on the counter and boiling water into the other. He dropped a teabag into my cup before adding sugar to both drinks. He stirred my tea and handed it to me. "Chamomile for the lovely lady."
   I grasped the mug in my hands, cuddling it close to my chest. "I have an ultrasound appointment today."
   Brenden looked up from the dish rack which he had started emptying. "Really?"
   "I can learn the sexes if I want to…" I said, almost unsure.
   Brenden finished putting the plates away. Brenden had been living in the apartment for almost a month. I had moved in a few weeks ago. It was home to us now. We ate here, slept here, lived here.
   "That would be amazing, Av." Brenden gave me a light kiss. "Do you want me there?"
   I nodded. "Of course, of course," I mumbled, biting at the skin of my lips.
   "What's wrong?" he wondered, his brow furrowing.
   I shrugged, setting my hands over my stomach. "I'm just nervous I guess…"
   "Yeah?" Brenden wondered. "About what?"
   "Being a parent. What if… what if our children don't like me?"
   Brenden set his hands on my shoulders, kneeling slightly to look in my eyes. "Av, don't worry. You'll be a great mother. They'll love you."
   I nodded. "Okay…"
   "I'll get our coats," Brenden said, handing me the keys to his car. "Go wait by the car. I'll be down in a second." I nodded, turning and leaving the apartment. I really hoped Brenden was right…


I sat at Calii's desk, my fingers gliding over the keyboard as I logged into Skype. Frankie had told me he'd be on whenever. I knew there would be moments where he wouldn't, but I really hoped he was now. As my contacts list slowly loaded, my heart fell. Right next to Frankie's name was a little cloud with an X through it, showing he was offline. I rested back against the chair with a sigh. I looked at my phone, contemplating calling him.
   I scrolled through my phone's contacts and selected his name. I clicked the call button and pressed the phone to my ear. Straight to voice mail. I pulled my phone away and stared at it, confused.
   "Gerard!" Calii called. She walked into the room, towing a guy behind her. "Ready to go?"
   "Go where?" I wondered, my eyes traveling over the guy.
   "Oh, Gerard, this is my boy John. John this is my favorite cousin in the world, Gerard." Calii gestured between us. I waved to him and he waved to me. Totally not awkward at all.
   "Thanks, Cal!" Mikey called from the guest room. "Appreciate it!"
   "Shut it, Moikay!" she yelled. John wrapped his arms around her waist and laughed. Calii made an odd purring noise and I began gagging. "Shut it. Are you ready or not?"
   "For what?" I wondered.
   "For the concert, Dummy. Kingdom Rancid? Everlyn Graves's band?" Calii said as if I were an idiot.
   "Oh… yeah… give me a minute." I turned and logged off Skype. I checked my phone again, almost hoping something had happened in the two minute conversation I got stuck in with Calii. Nothing. "Alright, let's go."


Pete kept rambling on about god knows what as we waited for drinks to be served. We had been in the air for a few hours now. It was like the sixth round of drinks for us, but whatever. "Hey Frank…" I wondered slowly as a sudden thought occurred to me.
   He turned away from Pete, his eyes clearly displaying how much Pete was driving him up a wall. "Yes, Zwerg?"
   I smacked the top of his head. "No. That is your nickname."
   "Bite me."
   "Don't threaten me with a good time, Zwerg."
   "Okay, whatever. What did you want?"
   "Where is Gerard's aunt's house?"
   "How am I supposed to know?"
   "You mean you let me haul you all the way to London and you don't even know where we're supposed to be going!?" I cried.
   The woman in front of us turned swiftly, pressing her fingers to her lips and hissing a sharp, "Shh!"
   I stuck my tongue out at her and turned back to Frank. "We're so fucked."
   "This wasn't my idea. This is all on you."
   "You can call him when we land."
   "Oh yeah. Totally. 'Hey Gee. I'm in London. Where are you staying again?' He'd kill me!"
   "Nah, you're too cute to kill," Pete said reassuringly, throwing back his eighth coke.
   Frank rolled his eyes and turned back to me. It had to suck being stuck in the middle. I was there originally, but Pete and I fought too much so he sat between us. "Maybe I can call Mikey?" Frank suggested.
   "I don't know. We'll figure it out when we get there." I rested back against the seat, shutting my eyes. There was a few more hours left until we reached the UK. I was gonna take a nap.
   "Well, all I know is my cousin Everlyn has a show in London that I'd like to go to. It's tonight," Pete said, resting back as well.
   Frank turned to him. "Everlyn? I've never heard of her."
   "I don't talk about family, Zwerg. You know this. But she lives in like… Wales. Her and her band are traveling through Europe playing shows."
   "What's the band's name?"
   "Like… Rancid Kingdom or something."
   I shot up. "You mean Kingdom Rancid?"
   Pete narrowed his eyes. "Yeah…?"
   "They rock. We got their CD in the store last week. I can't stop listening to it."
   "Yeah… She sort of made me sell it. Something about spreading further than Europe."
   "You're your cousin's bitch?"
   "No. But my mom loves her."
   "Well, we can go to the show, right? And go from there." Frank wondered, looking between us. "Things don't work out, maybe she'll let us crash with her."
   Pete shrugged. "Maybe."


"Are you ready?" the doctor asked. I lay back in the reclined chair. My shirt was pushed up to reveal my bulbous stomach. I nodded my head and gripped Brenden's hand.
   The doctor covered my stomach with the cold gel and I cringed. "Sorry…" the doctor apologized. I shook my head and she nodded, continuing on with the procedure. She spread the gel with the wand and I watched as little figures appeared on the ultrasound system's screen.
   The doctor gestured to one. "That is the one on the left and it looks like it's… a boy." I smiled up and Brenden, my grip tightening on his hand. "The one in the middle appears to be a girl and the one on the right appears to be another boy."
   My smile widened. Brenden's eyes were cloudy with tears. "They're so beautiful…"
   The doctor nodded. "They all appear to be healthy. You can hear each of their heartbeats, steady and strong, and they don't appear to have any disfigurations or growths. You can expect three healthy babies in about six months."
   I turned to Brenden and he knelt to give me a kiss. "Before you know it, we'll be one big happy family."
Wonder what will happen when Gerard sees Frankie at the concert with Pete and Brendon o-o
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the unfolding events are pretttty exciting, too. @.@ i wonder how many times gee is going to call frank before finding him in london. *betting it's at least five lol*

i love, love, love the interaction between pete, brendon, and frank. it's hilarious, very natural and believable. and even more funny that they have no fucking clue where to go.
god, i wish i was with them Xd

everlyn is a cool name, btw!

;_; and it was very precious to hear about av and her babies and seeing how loving and supportive her boy friend is. seriously. not every teen pregnancy is a fail right? it's nice to see that she's trying very hard to be a good mother.

^w^ *happy*
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thank you for your extremely long comment! I can honestly say I look forward to your feedback whenever I post a chapter ^^; haha... but thank you so much. I thought with the several POVs people would get confused and hate me. I'm glad they aren't confusing ^^;

I hope to name one of my daughters Everlyn when I'm older ^^ It's unique and gorgeous ^^ I kinda want two girls and a boy, soooo unlike Avril's! XD Athena Marie, Everlyn Brooke, and Sebestian James ^^

I'm so glad you liked the chapter!
Ikiyou Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're always welcome! You probably know by now how I enjoy your story!
Your names for your future kids are awesome. I always loved sebastian. but athena and everlyn are really cool!!
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